In-Vessel Composting

The in-vessel composting (IVC) process mixes organic material, including food waste, under strictly-controlled environmental conditions within a sealed and fully enclosed purpose-built bunker. The process meets the highest industry standards and is compliant with latest regulations as well as having a Category 3 Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) License.

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  • We can process a range of organic material, including:
  • Kerbside domestic collected organics
  • Catering waste, including meat and fish
  • Local Authority civic amenity site garden waste
  • Commercial fruit and vegetables

After treatment, the compost is extracted from the IVC bunkers to bays where it’s left to mature for around 6-8 weeks. The product is a stabilised, nutrient-rich and peat-free compost which is suitable as a soil improver for the farming and agriculture industry.